What’s Fermenting

This section changes with the land & various projects – check out FERMENT THE SEASONS for the broader picture of what we’re making throughout the year.

Currently, we are fermenting our way through last autumn’s harvest of chillis to make our various Mighty Hot Sauces, as well as, fermenting some seasonal krauts/ kymchis.

Aiteach Apricot, Carrot, & Habenero – & Goth Sauce rooted in Beetroot
We add Linseed, Pickled Garlic, Sesame, & Dehydrated Kymchi to Chilli Flake & Gochugaru – in Organic Irish Donegal Oil
Our Burren Kymchi – inspired by Korean tradition made with Irish Ingredients
Foraged Seasonal Greens & Seaweed
Organic Irish Turmeric & Ginger Kymchi
Working on this year’s Pride Pickle
We are also making small batch potions to support activists & advocates working for mutual liberation – currently seeking funding for a more sustainable project.