About Us

Savage Craic is a living partnership between Rev Llewyn Máire (they/she), Dr. Lisa Newman (she/they), local artists/ makers, learners, and an eclectic family of microbial mates; flora and funga — fermenting food and culture in the Irish Republic.

We are a Queer, cooperatively operated, venture supporting small farms, creative ecology, environmental reciprocity, mutual aid & educational exchange. We do this through workshops, event organization/ facilitation, various eco-cultural art projects, and our seasonal ferments.

Savage Craic is in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization and is seeking land to steward towards the development of a creative space/ residency, bio lab/ kitchen, and media studio.

Fermentation transforms and inspires, making for delicious ways to engage with our food and each other. 

This venture is motivated by our love for gathering together and sharing food, breaking bread, swapping stories and syncing biomes. 

We’re fueled by our passion and commitment to embracing and cultivating change. 

We are each microbial stewards spiraling ever forward in this dance of life, our goal is to do so with ever growing purpose, to create positive relationships and aid in the cultivation of a future for us all. 
"When we first moved to Ireland and were sharing ferments with a friend, she commented on the food saying 'that's some savage craic!'~ I took that as a blessing and a welcome home" – Llewyn
~ Fermenting in the Burren since 2015 ~
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